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We're living in an amazing time…

History needed its brave visionaries and innovators to make monumental leaps forward, and that is exactly what transpired. We can do extraordinary things today that were purely science fiction five years ago. We are now transitioning to even newer breakthroughs, such as virtual reality, self-driving cars, and fully customizable medication. We see the future, then create it. And yet, there’s a technology that’s thousands of years old that hasn’t gone away, and never will — literature.

Books are as relevant today and they've ever been. The stories we capture today are what propel us into tomorrow. It's not a coincidence that our planet’s greatest innovators were reading fanatics. At Bookstackk, we challenge ourselves to create a platform for readers to feel empowered. We are building solutions for readers who understand that literature needs to forge ahead just as newer technologies are.

We empower you to get closer to literature than you've ever been. Discover insights into your favorite books. Track the books in your library, and follow what those closest to you are reading. Reading is your getaway, and we invite you to let Bookstackk be your compass.

Meet the Founder

Zach Tyler

Bookstackk was founded on the belief that books become more valuable when a community of readers can rally behind it. Our team is building simple solutions for making reading more enjoyable. Zach lives and plays in Boston, MA. He reads a lot of non-fiction, but recently finished the highly recommended trilogy, Red Rising.

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